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TITAŽ is a micro ticket redemption machine for ticket redemption and issuing at table games.

TITO based techniques are dominating slot machine gaming today. The next step of optimization is made by reducing action steps for players on table games. With the TITAŽ device installed at a table game, casinos can validate tickets and display their amount, accept tickets at a table game to be partly exchanged for chips and issue and print tickets in exchange for chips.

The player benefit strongly since they can seamlessly move between slots and table games and also do not have to carry chips to the main cage and stay there in queues. Using TITAŽ the casino can strongly reduce the chip handling at the cage and chip refill at the tables.

TITAŽ is fully integrated into the casino IT infrastructure and can be operated by the dealer immediately after installation thanks to its self explaining MMI.

The following picture shows the operator terminal of the TITA: