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This customer went to the market and this customer stayed home. And both customers did their banking by phone. With Integrated Telephone Banking your customers are able to instantly access their account information from anywhere and at anytime.

Customers can easily perform informational requests and initiate transactions using a touchtone phone. Integrated Telephone Banking provides access to account balances, transfer of funds within the bank, loan payments, transaction history, verification of cleared checks and deposits, certificate of deposit information, statement fax, and we even offer Spanish language support.

Free yourself from the hassles of a non integrated solution. As accounts are added to your core system, they are also created in Integrated Telephone Banking. Customers simply call into the system and activate their own passcodes. Forget the hassles of having to log into multiple systems to setup user names, passwords, related accounts and permissions. Now, how is that for simple!

In addition, with Integrated Telephone Banking, your customers are no longer limited to only 90 to 180 days of available transaction history. Due to the unique and powerful design of the Integrated Bank Environment, all of your customer?s transaction data is always available, regardless of when it occurred. With Integrated Telephone Banking you can establish how far back your customers can do research.

So no matter where your customers are, they can always get the information they need, when they need it!