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Even the big bad wolf can't huff and puff hard enough to blow down this house of cards. The Integrated Cardholder supports the most widely used ATM/Debit card systems in the industry and allows you to manage your entire card base from one, consolidated system. From within the Integrated Bank Environment you are able to monitor your connection with the card system, order plastic, set card limits and service fees, create cardholder accounts, manage accepted or denied countries and even override customer levels as needed.

Card status can also be set and maintained directly through the Integrated Bank Environment. Active, Pending, New, Closed, Denied, or Hot Card Status's are all available. Utilizing the various statuses your institution can even implement a dual control process for creating new card accounts for your customers.

Additionally, if your card based transactions are being updated through a positive balance file, Integrated Cardholder can change this to update balance information in a real time environment as card based transactions occur.

Integrated Cardholder is a feature rich module that provides the information you need the second you need it. Review or modify plans, service charges, transactions, authorizations and of course maintenance history.