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Ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of paperwork? By turning your paper into images you can take control of the paperwork shuffle and eliminate the need for metal filing cabinets, additional space and offsite storage forever! With i2Docs our integrated document manager image is everything!

i2Docs is a document manager delivers a single point of access to important customer and financial institution documents. From your workstation you can scan, file, view, print, export and archive documents. Literally, any document or paper that your financial institution currently saves and files can be scanned and stored into the IBE system. Since Integrated Document Manager stores all your documents in one centralized database, the time and costs associated with document management, retrieval and storage are significantly reduced.

Virtual filing cabinets allow for easy access, retrieval, distribution, retention and disposal of documents. Within the cabinets, configurable templates allow you to pre-define the location to which all documents are stored - CIF record, account level or department, and create a unique and customized filing structure that maintains the integrity of your records, management policies and reduces user related filing errors.

System tools allow you to perform a full range of image manipulation with your documents. Add security to individual documents, folders, drawers or entire cabinets to protect sensitive and confidential information. Drag and drop, view thumbnails, page descriptions, add folder and page notes, etc. You can even paperclip a picture of collateral (house, car, boat) to a loan document!

A fully integrated document review process allows financial institutions to not only manage document image quality but also maintain the integrity of filing. The dual control functionality of the review process allows an objective user to review previously scanned and indexed documents and mark them as approved or send them back to the person who scanned the document for correction.

Even if you do know how to swim, i2Docs is a true life saver!