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Integrated Image Teller

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Ever wonder what the word integrated really means? According to Webster's dictionary integrated is an adjective that means:

  • combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole
  • organized or structured so that constituent units function cooperatively: an integrated economy.

According to Integrated Bank Technology, integrated means exactly the same thing! From the moment that the customer presents the transaction to the teller at the counter the items are scanned into IBE and immediately integrated into the following processes:

  • Balanced before the transaction can even be committed (thus, eliminating the need for the majority of your back office proof processing!)
  • Immediately becomes available for viewing and research not only in Net Banking for customers, but also within Check 21 POD product for every employee within the bank!
  • Transit items are pulled for automatic creation into an X9.37 file for FEDsend
  • Bank defined service charge routine
  • Images are sorted and compiled by customer for inclusion into imaged statement production
  • Customer balances are updated instantly providing a real time environment.

Created by a true technology partner, who makes the effort to understand the unique needs of your financial institutions, i2Core enables you to meet the specific challenges of your marketplace, efficiently and effectively.