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Shear Tech MJ-1000

The MJ-1000 is a small, table-top, automatic check jogger. An important part of any Check 21 Branch Item Capture solution.

The importance of check joggers in check processing centers has been known for many years. You can find a check jogger near almost every high speed reader/sorter. There is a perfect reason for that. Jogging a batch of checks for a few seconds in the check jogger, perfectly aligns bottom and side edges of checks which reduces chances of check jamming and double-feeding. We designed our MJ-1000 Check Jogger specifically for smaller banks, branches, community banks, and credit unions, with lower volume of checks

Who should use the MJ-1000 Check Jogger:

Anyone who uses automatic check Reader/Sorters, Scanners, MICR Encoders and Endorsers with up to 250 checks per load. Good examples are Canon CR-180 document imaging system and Digital Check TellerScan family check scanners.


  • Jogging tray holds up to 250 checks.
  • Very small size (3.0" (W), 7.0" (H), 8.5" (D).
  • One-touch, automatic, timer controlled operation.
  • One touch jogging time is automatically set to 4 seconds.