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Shear Tech MJ-500

The MJ-500 is a space-saving, automatic check jogger. What makes the MJ-500 so unique, is its size. It will fit into places, where others won't.

The MJ-500 is a perfect solution for those banks that are following a trend of moving the Branch Item Capture process from a "back room", where our MJ-1000 Check Jogger became so successful, to the space limiting Tellers stations.

Benefits: Small, Quiet, Reliable Efficient and Affordable. Specifically designed to improve performance of the Teller Check Scanners.

Who should use the MJ-500 Check Jogger:

Anyone who uses automatic check Scanners, Reader/Sorters, MICR Encoders and Endorsers with up to 120 checks per load, and have a limited work surface area. A teller station would be a good example.


  • Efficient and Reliable. Takes less than 8 seconds to reliably jog a batch of checks.
  • Quiet operation. Noise level is less than 50 dBA. Jogging tray capacity - up to 120 checks.
  • Very small size (2.2" (W), 6.2" (H), 7.2" (D).
  • One-touch, automatic, timer controlled operation.
  • Automatic or manual control of jogging time.

For larger capacity tray (up to 250 checks), see our MJ-1000 model.