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Hedman HE-1600

Dependable Security

  • Amounts are printed with unique, double-height numerals designed to stifle alteration
  • Regular or reverse imprint designs
    further secure the amount imprint
  • Special prefix and suffix imprints prevent additional numbers from being inserted
  • Custom or standard prefixes are available for added security and control
  • Triple key/lock controls and prevent unauthorized access to general operation, executive functions and signature eprom
  • Programmable password option provides added security against unauthorized usage and detailed audit control
  • Unique "void over" statement further enhances amount security
  • Programmable check number option improves document reconciliation
  • Account and signature suppression limits improve manager's control over high amount disbursements
  • Multiple signature format, titles, logos and security backgrounds available

Ease of Operation

  • The fluorescent display guides operators, speeds processing, eliminates errors and prevents check waste
  • Processes checks for four separate disbursement accounts, even if each account uses a different style or size of check
  • Three different reports list, summarize and total all transactions for simplified reconciliation
  • The system is easily programmed to print amounts, dates and signatures virtually anywhere on single or multi-part forms up to 9.5"
  • For non disbursement activities, the programmable "sign only" option allows for easy , secured signature generation without the use of protected amounts or date