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Semacon S-45

Ease Of Use

Semacon's S-15, S-25, S-35, S-40 and S-45 series of Portable Coin Counters have one simple adjustment for the coin diameter and another easy adjustment to set the coin thickness. Many other coin counters are limited as to the coin sizes that they can accurately count. Semacon Coin Counters offer more flexibility and can count a wider variety of different coins, including tokens and most foreign coins. Semacon - the ultimate in flexibility & ease of use!

Coin Counting or Counting & Sorting

Semacon's Coin Counters and Coin Counter/Sorters are designed to quietly count, bag or wrap coins at very high speeds. Our models featuring the offsort function are designed to count, bag or package the largest diameter coin first and separate the smaller diameter coins into a different bag or tray. This process can then be repeated until all coin denominations have been counted, bagged or packaged.

The bottom line...Semacon coin counters will save you time so you will have more free time to do other things!

High Speed

Our coin counters are capable of processing coins at ultra-high speeds, yet are quieter than many other coin counters.

Coin Packaging

Semacon coin counters feature convenient coin packaging capabilities. Coin packaging tubes are available for wrapping the following denominations:
1 - 5 - 10 - 25
50 - $1.00 (Golden/SBA)
Canadian Loonie - Canadian Toonie

Additional tubes are available for packaging coins of other foreign countries. Please call with your special requests.

Electric & Manual Operation

Our S-35 and S-45 Electric Coin Counters also feature the flexibility of operating manually, enabling the operator to count coins even when there is no electricity available. This feature is excellent for vending and amusement route operators that don't always have the convenience of available electricity. If you do not need an Electric Coin Counter, we also feature the S-15, S-25 and S-40 which both operate exclusively in a manual mode. Semacon offers a variety of choices to match your specific money handling needs!

Safety Features

At Semacon, the safety of our customers is one of our highest priorities! Our counters incorporate numerous safety features, such as a clear protective cover over the feed wheel or feed belt that allows the operator to observe the mechanism and access the feed system.

Advanced Design Features

  • Our cases are composed of a durable anti-shock, flex material that has a far superior ability to resist cracking and handle much more abuse than other coin counters. These models are great for portable applications where they must stand up to higher levels of abuse.
  • The main chassis structures are constructed from a strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy, assuring long lasting durability through years of heavy use.
  • Semacon's large base is designed to offer greater stability than many other counters, while still maintaining a slim and compact space-saving design.
  • Our counters also feature a large, tilting coin tray for inspecting and feeding the coins into the coin hopper. This tray conveniently folds closed for portability and to protect the counter when not in use.

Compact For Portable Applications

Semacon's S-15, S-25, S-35, S-40 and S-45 series Coin Counters are all designed to be used both in stationary and portable applications. Each of these models have a dual purpose lid that folds open to be used as a coin inspection/feeding tray when the counter is in use, and then closes shut to protect the counter when it is being stored or transported. The electric models (S-35 & S-45) operate either with or without electricity and the manual only models (S-15, S-25 & S-40) offer the utmost in convenience, combined with low price, for applications where manual operation is the choice.