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Scan Coin SC-3003

Model SC 3003 and 3003 VA are the results of nearly two decades of ongoing development of the SCAN COIN 3000-series of coin counting machines. The 3000 series has been designed to be able to process large quantities of coin on a continuous basis.


  • Smaller coin off-sort allows separation of mixed denominations
  • High speed, up to 3,500 coins/minute
  • Easy to use with only one clearly marked denomination selector knob controlling both diameter and thickness settings
  • Preprogrammed stops, with manual override from 5 to 50,999
  • Subtotals and grand total with separate bag count memory
  • Two speed coin fed for optimum performance when bagging or wrapping
  • Electronic sensor for accurate counting - does not require cleaning to maintain highest accuracy
  • Long lasting electronic sensor with non-contact counting reduces wear and eliminates the need for high pressure feeding belts
  • Easy to read six digit green LED display with unique program function capable of displaying counts up to four billion
  • Automatic disc reversing for jam clearing and shut off when no more coins are detected
  • Quiet - only 67 dB noise level
  • Standard configuration includes all six denominations (SBA), 50, 25, 5, 1) and can be adjusted to handle virtually any coin or token up to 1.55" diameter
  • Large selection of options and modular accessories to meet demanding operator requirements
  • Unique wrapping system available with easy loading of wrappers and hands-free filling for maximum productivityv
  • Optional RS 232 interface available for external control of the machine
  • Microprocessor controlled with non-volatile memory for storing all vital data - no battery backup required
  • Built-in service program for setup functions and monitoring of service intervals