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Shinwoo SB-1000

The Shinwoo SB-1000 Series is the most intelligent and reliable Banknote Counting Machines which use Image Processing Technologu to recognize banknotes to discriminate between different denominations. With modern design, full graphic LCD and user friendly interface, SB series provides every operator with more comfortable and a more efficient working environment. Having a reject pocket, the SB series allows an operator to perform daily cash-processing jobs without any interruption. While counting suspect notes, or unrecognized notes the machine automatically diverts the notes to the reject pocket assuring the operator continuous operation.


  • Mixed Mode: Identifies and counts mix Denomination notes at 1000NPM
  • Single Mode: Counts of single denomination and rejects all other to a separate reject pocket.
  • Count Mode: Counts the number fo notes and documents, etc. placed on the hopper without discriminating
  • Serial Number: Prints and stores Serial number of each banknote (optional feature)
  • Face Mode: Face mode will process all faced notes and rejects all others to the reject
  • Orient Mode: Orient mode will process al oriented notes and rejects others to the reject
  • Printer: Prints report on single or all denomination value and grand total with RS232 Serial Printer.
  • Upgrade: Easy upgrade of new currency by simply connecting with PC.
  • easy Jam Removal: Easy jam removal with front and back access.