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Toshiba IBS-200

The IBS-200 system is a multi-function countertop currency sorter offers the same Toshiba-backed performance, flexibility and cost effective design in a smaller footprint, ideal when space is at a premium, but you cannot sacrifice performance.

Basic Features

  • Feeds up to 1200 notes/min
  • Feeder capacity of up to 600 notes
  • Multiple configurations: automatic mode (finds a “rogue” denomination hidden in a single denomination pack), mixed currency detection mode, piece count mode, optional fitness mode. Also faces and orients bills
  • Superior operator access to clear jammed bills
  • Counterfeit detection upgradeable

Unlike regular single pocket currency scanners, the Toshiba IBS-200 is the solution for your various cash processing needs that is high performance, easy to use and easy to maintain.