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Company Profile

Binatek was established in 1988 as an independent subcontractor in the field of cheque encoding and electronic document management. Its first client was the Caisses Desjardins credit union group. In the early years, Desjardins' numerous credit unions signed service contracts for several types of office equipment related to electronic document management and check printing and writing software with Binatek.

Cheque printing and writing software

Binatek allows you with its InterLaser 6software to control the print process of the existing application. This cheque printing and writing software will provide you with more flexibility and control over the cheques' applications and any other types of laser documents. With ourInterLaser 6cheque printing and writing software, you will benefit from a higher level of security that manages the printing rights, multiple or manual automatic signatures, by the means of a smart card . High quality and secure check paper fromBinatekcombined with our excellent MICR toner and software prevents any printing issues you may have experienced with competing products.