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Certichex Premier Light- The next generation of secure check writing and payment solutions

  • Flexibility built in
  • Ability to configure files
  • Universal check file compatibility
  • Can adapt to customers software

Features Include:

  • Electronic document delivery module built in, to automatically email the remittance section of the check, reducing paper use, time, postage, and eliminating the need to collate multiple pages
  • Latest 64-bit technology
  • Certichex Premier is compatible with Windows 7.0 and XML format
  • Annual maintenance and upgrades
  • Remote authorization of payments using biometric controls from any worldwide location
  • Send payments electronically with the new ACH module
  • Encrypted signatures
  • Encrypt payment batches prior to printing for additional in-house file security
  • In-depth audit reporting tracks all movements carried out within the software

Using the most advanced MICR laser technology, Certichex Premier Light integrates into your current accounting software system. Certex supports onsite/remote installation and training the service you expect from a trusted industry leader.

As the checks are printed, the bank details, currency symbol, logos and signatures are all added at the same time, along with a remittance advisement letter. The software can run across a wide area network for multi-site printing, or operate in a stand-alone, one-office environment.

All signatures are encrypted and controlled using audit reports and release technology, like (fingerprint) controls, passwords, swipe cards or remote email authorization. These security applications will be applied in line with your bank mandate signing requirements to ensure all checks have the appropriate signatures before being issued.


In addition to check payments, Certichex Premier Light can also print pay slips, money orders, foreign drafts, letters, invoices, deposit slips, check books and tax forms.