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Electronic Audit Machine

Sharp_2530A.gif (15347 bytes)

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 The incredibly versatile BE-2530 and BE-2520 boasts many of the outstanding, standard features found in Sharp's electronic auditing machines as well as a host of programmable functions.  Packed into this compact machine are several time and money saving features which eliminate tedious calculations and increase accuracy in transactions and accounting.  The programmable functions, in addition to adding an extra degree of efficiency and security to your operations, allow each individual to achieve the maximum benefit from the machine.  This remarkable flexibility is further complimented by the BE-2530 or BE-2520's 8-category consolidation capability.  All these features combined make this Sharp product a welcome addition to any bank, office , or business.

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Sharp_2530_top.gif (16149 bytes)

IRS Cash Transaction

This feature allows you to enter high and low amount values into the BE-2530, for easy IRS cash transaction reporting.  Reports generated by this function, list transactions that exceed the upper and lower IRS cut-off points.  The report also includes the account number, amount, and transactions for the date of the report.


Time Management Reports

The BE-2530 also supports selection of up to 12 programmable time periods that provide transaction activity: transaction time, total number of transactions, average transaction time, total transaction items and the number of entries for each transaction item.

Three Item Buffers

To make it easier to print a list of select transactions that have been processed at one station, the BE-2530 has the capability to store 3 lists of up to 150 items each. These lists can be easily recalled from memory and printed out.

Programmable Functions

In addition to the BE-2530's standard features, a variety of programmable functions, including Auto Count with Warning and Lock Out Point, Sentinel Amount, Print/Nonprint in the Cash Amount Area, Reset/Nonreset of the Consecutive Number, and Total Print/Nonprint of Negative Departments give you increased flexibility.


Separate Consolidation

To increase accuracy and reduce the time of auditing the day's transactions, the BE-2530 comes equipped with the ability to perform separate consolidations, for up to 8 types of transactions: deposit, cash in , cash out, check cashing, and 4 programmable categories.

Dot Matrix Printer

The BE-2530 helps to expedite the processing of checks by giving you 4-character settings, for your banks ID number as well as 2-character settings for department identification.  In addition, it prints 2.4 lines/second and has a 35-digit capacity.

Specifications.gif (3497 bytes)

Sharp_2530A_Keyboard.gif (10563 bytes)

Acct # key can be automatically held down during entry

The same account number can be held during multiple transactions

Totals indicate transaction totals as well as dollar amounts

The list function processes multiple check entries

Validation printing

Time clock with selectable print formats

"Card Free" type printing eliminates the need to select paper

Slip detection function prevents misfeeds

Allows the entry of "0" as the first character in an account number

Easy-to-read , fluorescent green display

Memory protection system maintains data even in the event of a power failure

Batch totals and daily totals can be read and set without resetting

Light-touch keys for effortless operation

"Two-key roll-over" function for faster operation

Compact size for countertop use

Separate supervisor and operator keys

Up to three supervisor passwords







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