Maverick M-560 Check Encoders for banks from srs systems inc

Maverick M-560

Product Description

Check Encoders Maverick M560 Micr Exception Item check Encoder Series offers exception item check encoding in a heavy duty check encoder. Perfect for back office check return processing and other exception item processing needs. With 22 programmable keys the M560 can be programmed to eliminate repetitious keystrokes and reduce check processing time!

All M-560 encoders ship with your exception item fields and any custom fields pre-programmed and ready for use! Cartridge ribbons make your ribbon changes a snap! Full field encoding, 10 key entry and easy to read 2-line display make the M-560 the perfect answer to your demanding exception item encoding needs!

Product Features

  • Financial Batch Processing
  • Proof of Deposit (P.O.D.)
  • Cash Settlement System (C.S.S.)
  • Multiple Exception Item Fields
  • Batch Recall
  • Clean Batch Listings
  • Register/Teller Totals
  • Repeat Encode
  • Acct. # CDV/CDG
  • Calculator Mode
  • Full Field Encode


  • Field programmable
  • Integrated document holder
  • Power eject
  • Super twist LCD Display
  • 3400 documents per hour
  • Full field encoding
  • 22 programmable field keys