Maverick MX-4 Check Encoders for banks from srs systems inc

Maverick MX-4 Series

Product Description

All new – Designed to be a plug & play replacement for Maverick’s M4 series encoders, the Mx-4 allows you to process over 70 documents per minute. With state-of-the-art Arm Processor based electronics, built-in autofeed, and catch tray, the Mx-4 is still the most compact MICR encoding system in the market today. So if you have an older M-4 series encoder, you are looking for more speed, and don’t want to use any more space, consider the new Mx-4.


Product Features

  • Exception Field Encode
  • Full Field Encode
  • Repeat Encode
  • Programmable CDV/CDG
  • Calculator Mode
  • Proof of Deposit
  • Batch Recall
  • Clean Batch Listings
  • Cash Settlement
  • Register/Teller Total Reports


  • Speed: 70+dpm
  • Size: 13.5x14.75x5.75 (approximate inches)
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Font: E13b and CMC7
  • Autofeed: 250-300 Docs
  • Catch Tray: 250-300 Docs
  • Power: External 120/240 auto-switching w/detachable power cable