Magner 75 Series Currency Counters for banks from srs systems inc

Magner 75 Series

About the Magner 75 Currency Counter

The Magner 75 currency counter offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from Magner - the global leader in table-top currency counters. With a wide range of features and options, the Magner 75 currency counter is also designed for rugged reliability, even in the most demanding applications. The Magner 75 currency counter provides accurate high speed processing at 1,500 notes per minute, simplicity of operation, and advanced currency authentication and detection capabilities.

Choose from a basic model, the Model 75, with variable batching and 3 speeds, 1,500, 1,200, 600, NPM or the more advanced model the 75UM with dual magnetic head, and integrated Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detection for maximum Security.

Magner 75 Currency Counter Features

  • 300 - 1500 per minute
  • 3 User Selectable Speeds
  • Hopper Capacity: 300 Notes
  • Stacker Capacity:150 Notes
  • Batching: Variable from 1 to 999
  • Intermittent roller friction type
  • Security Detection Aids in the Magner 75 currency counter: Dual Magnetic, Ultra Violet

Magner 75 Currency Counter Specifications

Dimensions: 10.04” (H) x 11.02” (W) x 9.06” (D) 255 mm (H) x 280 mm (W) x 230 mm (D)

Net Weight: 15.50 lbs (7.03 kg.)

Counting Speed: 600, 1200, 1500 notes per minute (selectable)

Display Type: LCD 3 digit batch display, 4 digit count display

Document Size Limits: 1.97” x 3.54” to 3.94” x 7.28” 50 mm x 90 mm to 100 mm x 185 mm

Power Source: 120V 60Hz/230V 50Hz