Kisan Newton K5-A Fitness Sorter 4 Plus 1

Kisan Newton K5-A Fitness Sorter 4 Plus 1

Product Description

Kisan Model K5-A, the latest and one of the most advanced models from Kisan is the robust 4 plus 1 pocket fitness sorter in the group, featuring enhanced and reliable authentication & fitness sorting ability at a speed of 60,000 banknotes per hour. Built with wide-range of counterfeit detection capabilities, the K5-A stops counterfeits by using the most advanced counterfeit sensors technology in the industry. 

5-Pocket design assists user to process banknotes in the shortest time with a remarkable processing speed of 1000 banknotes per minute. With easy modes switching to fulfill all kind of cash handling process, it reduces workload with high speed and accuracy. Furthermore,  Financial Institutions, Casino, are able to process mixture of barcoded tickets with banknotes in one-single-pass. Supporting most of the currencies worldwide, and various possibilities for connectivity, the K5-A is able to satisfy the growing demand for more efficient cash management.

The Kisan K5-A features several types of sensors, which deliver the ultimate performance, high accuracy and heavy-duty operation. Each of the sensors are designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are detected. 

Product Features

K5-A features several types of sensors, which deliver the ultimate performance, high accuracy and heavy-duty operation.

Each of the sensors are designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are caught.


      • Feed System: Roller Friction System
      • Dual CIS
      • Counterfeit Detection: Infrared (IR), Magnetic (MG), Ultraviolet (UV sensor)
      • Counting Speed: 1000 Notes/Min.
      • Available Currencies: USD (Standard), EURO, CAD etc (optional). Up to 20 currencies can be loaded.
      • Capacity: 1,000 circulated banknotes (hopper), 200 banknotes (stacker) 100 (reject)
      • Countable Note Size: 60 x 85 x 0.08mm ~ 100 x 190 x 0.12mm
      • Display: 7" External Touch Screen
      • Interface: RS-232 x 3, LAN x 2, USB x 1
      • Options: Remote Display, Thermal or Dot Matrix Printer
      • Power Supply: AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz.
      • Consumption: Max. 40W
      • Dimension: 13..3" Width x 16.34" Depth x 22.64" Height
      • Net Weight: 83.77lbs.