South Automation CMX30 Coin Counters for banks from srs systems inc

South Automation CMX30

Product Description

CMX30 cashMAX®

As a bank or retailer, you would like to process coins by yourself or you would like to be prepared to do so, and you prefer a unit with the ability to detect, count and sort coins. Possibly you would also like to pack them into bags or tubes to recycle them within your company. As a CIT company you run some or all counting desks decentralized, and you need a robust coin sorter for a “full-time” job. Low maintenance costs are very important to you.

Product Features

  • CMX30 interface has been designed for rough environments.
  • Reliable counting and false coin protection.
  • The width of the standard hopper is large enough to fill coins out from a cashier box.


  • Memory: Count, Total and Bag contents; individual for 8 cashiers
  • Hopper Capacity: 3000-5500 coin
  • Communication: RS232, printer, display
  • Approvals: CE, ROHS, Tested according to European Directive No. 1210/2010
  • Dimensions: Height: 430 mm, Width: 600 mm, Depth: 300 mm Weight: 33.5 Kg.