Magner 35-3 Currency Counters for banks from srs systems inc

Magner 35-3

Magner 35-3 Product Description

The Magner 35-3 delivers the performance and quality you need from the Magner 35 series, the longest produced, #1 selling currency counter on the globe.

The Magner 35-3 will exceed your expectations and deliver the efficiency you need. The Magner 35-3 is a Currency Counter with a compact design, built for exceptional performance for processing currency. The Magner 35-3 is made to be easy to use. Magner 35-3 is powered with features like selectable speeds up to 1,500 notes per minute, variable batching, automatic start, accumulation mode and complete error detection. The Magner 35-3 is engineered with extended reliability and durability at the forefront, providing long term use. 

Magner 35-3 Product Features

  • Three selectable speeds (600/1200/1500 notes/minute)
  • Three operating modes - Count, Batch, Accumulate
  • 5 density level settings
  • Integrated carrying handle (molded into case)
  • Large LCD Displays (for total and batch)
  • Automatic or manual start function

Magner 35-3 Specifications

Dimensions: 10.04” (H) x 11.02” (W) x 9.65” (D) 255 mm (H) x 280 mm (W) x 245 mm (D)

Net Weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg.)

Counting Speed: 600, 1200, 1500 notes per minute (selectable)

Display Type: LCD 3 digit batch display 4 digit count display

Document Size Limits: 1.97” x 3.35” to 4.33” x 7.28” 50 mm x 85 mm to 110 mm x 185 mm

Hopper Capacity: 300 circulated notes

Stacker Capacity: 200 circulated notes

Batching Variable: 1 to 999

Power Source: AC115V +/- 10%, 60/50Hz
AC230V +/- 10%, 60/50Hz