Nautilus Hyosung MS-500 Cash Recyclers for banks from srs systems inc

Nautilus Hyosung MS-500

Product Description

The latest teller cash recycler (TCR) technology is available in the MS-500. Hyosung leverages global leadership in cash recycling technology and partnerships with leading financial institutions domestically in the innovative design. The MS-500 is a digitally secure, fast and feature-rich cash recycler for financial institutions. The MS-500 modular design and high capacity cassettes drive Hyosung's industry-leading availability and serviceability. Learn why large and small financial institutions continue to standardize on MS-500, helping make Hyosung the fastest-growing TCR and ATM company in the United States.

Product Features

  • Continuous feed input module, Individual dispense and reject slots
  • 200-Note dispense slot
  • 50-Note reject slot
  • Cash handling speed
  • Deposit – 12 notes per second
  • Dispense – 12 notes per second
  • Note counting only – 20 notes per second
  • 6 recycling cassettes plus 1 overflow cassette
  • 3 Large-size recycling cassettes (2,850 nominal capacity)*
  • 1 Large-size overflow cassette (2,850 nominal capacity)*
  • Self-audit capability
  • Windows 10


  • Height: 36.22” (920mm)
  • Width: 16.85” (428mm)
  • Depth: 34.29” (871mm)
  • Weight: 970lbs. (440kg)
  • Security: UL291 Level-1
  • Power Supply: AC 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Communication: TCP/IP