MSI-400 Check Signer for banks from srs systems inc

Binatek FontLoader

Product Description

The Binatek FontLoader is a security device designed to store print resources such as forms, fonts, macros, signatures and logos on Smart Cards removable card. Because the card and the resources it contains can be kept in an appropriately secure location, users have absolute security against unwanted printing of documents such as checks, drafts or other such documents. In normal operation, Binatek FontLoader output is connected to the any compatible printer provided and the input to the Smart Card is connected to the printer’s data source.

When the resources are needed for printing, the Smart Card is inserted into the Smart Card Reader. After verification, the resources in the card are automatically downloaded into the printer. As long as the card is inserted the printer will print the signature loaded to the printer memory. When printing is complete and the card is removed, all resources (downloaded forms, fonts, signatures, etc.) previously loaded into the printer are automatically deleted. Data passing through the signature box to the printer is unaffected by the Smart Card, because it is transparent to all host data streams.