Tellermate Printer Accessories Counting Scale for banks from srs systems inc

Tellermate Printer Accessories


STP Desktop Printer

The STP desktop printer offers a fast, quiet, high quality print with easy drop-in paper loading and a small footprint. Time stamped mini-reports of the total count by denomination help drive adherence to process and maximize efficiency.

Able Portable Printer

Our portable, battery operated printer offers a reliable mobile printing solution perfect for use on the shop floor. Robust, compact and lightweight, the Able printer also provides time-stamped mini-reports of denominational breakdowns whenever and wherever you need them.

T-iX Battery

Removable, rechargeable lithium batteries provide up to 12 hours of use and portability, facilitating spot audits at the point of sale.


Our unique range of Tellercups fit the coin compartments of many commonly used POS cash drawers and can be custom made to fit your coin compartments if necessary. Tellercups allow you to count a cash drawer quickly without having to physically handle the coin. Built to a consistent weight specification, Tellercups are robust and compatible with our full T-iX range. Each set comes with 5-8 individual cups to fit your cash drawer.

Z-160 Tellercup

The Z-160 Tellercup can be used to count larger quantities of coin or in place of a set of Tellercups if a standard drawer is not used to hold coin. Built to a consistent weight specification, the Z-160 is robust and compatitble with our full T-iX range of cash counters.

Printer Paper

Tellermate offers competitive pricing on 10 and 50 roll cases of paper for the Able Portable printer and STP Desktop printer.