Amrotec X-1100 Currency Discriminator for banks from srs systems inc

Amrotec X-1000

Product Description

Amrotec X-1000, Currency Discriminator model is the high-performance, high- speed at 72,000 bills processing speed per hour,  and  heavy-duty with a main Stacker for all denominating bills and a full (100 bills) dedicated reject pocket for unfit, non-recognized and suspect banknotes.

It is built with DUAL CIS (contact image sensor) along with most high-tech fitness Tape detection and suspect detection sensors and mechanism to be able to perform full-featured Currency denominating, sophisticated suspect detection as well as fitness sorting operation (detecting and separating banknotes with holes, tears, fold, missing corners, tape, soil etc) according to Federal Reserve Bank Re-circulation Guideline as well as ATM cash replenishment  or cash recycling need at high-volume bank back office, CIT companies, ATM owners, and large retail stores, thus increase productivity and cost-savings for users.

Product Features

Like our other heavy-duty model of X-1000, X-1100 also equipped with most of the innovative user-interface features, such as:

  • Dual Users feature for two tellers or cash registers to be able to share one machine and produce results and reports. 
  • X-1100 can also be customized to simplicity operating modes needed for operators and eliminate those not needed.
  • X-1100 further provides highest security standards against the latest counterfeiting attempts through multi-detection technology including IR, MR, MG and UV sensors. 

Further, X-1100 model can be equipped with optional feature to read banknote tickets and decoding feature mixture with banknotes in Casino Environments and gaming venues


      • Feed System: Roller Friction System
      • Counterfeit Detection: Duel CIS (IR Reflection and Transmission), Magnetic (9 channels), Tape Sensor (Thickness, Tape, Fitness), Ultraviolet (UV sensor)
      • Counting Speed: 1300 Notes/mon. (High), 1100 Notes/min. (Medium), 1100 Notes/min. (Serial Number Count, N/A), 1100 Note/min. (Fitness Count)
      • Available Currencies: USD (Standard), EURO, CAD etc (optional). Up to ten currencies can be loaded.
      • Capacity: 500 circulated banknotes (hopper), 250 banknotes (stacker), 100 banknotes (reject)
      • Countable Note Size: 60 x 85 x 0.08mm ~ 100 x 190 x 0.12mm
      • Display: 3.5" TFT LCD Color
      • Interface: LAN x 1, RS-232 x 2, USB x 1, SD Card x 1
      • Options: Remote Display, Thermal or Dot Matrix Printer
      • Power Supply: AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz.
      • Consumption: Max. 150W
      • Dimension: 12.9" Width x 12.9" Depth x 13.7" Height
      • Net Weight: 39.6lbs.