Masterwork Automodules NC-8500

Masterwork Automodules NC-8500

Product Description

NC-8500, the latest and most advanced model from Masterwork Automodules is the fastest fitness sorter in the group, featuring enhanced and reliable authentication & fitness sorting ability at a speed of 60,000 banknotes per hour. Built with wide-range of counterfeit detection capabilities, NC-8500 stops counterfeits by using the most advanced counterfeit sensors technology in the industry. 

Three-pocket design assists user to process banknotes in the shortest time with a remarkable processing speed of 1000 banknotes per minute. With easy modes switching to fulfill all kind of cash handling process, it reduces workload with high speed and accuracy. Furthermore, mid-sized Casino operators are able to process mixture of barcoded tickets with banknotes in one-single-pass. Supporting most of the currencies worldwide, and various possibilities for connectivity, NC-8500 is able to satisfy the growing demand for more efficient cash management.

NC-8500 features several types of sensors, which deliver the ultimate performance, high accuracy and heavy-duty operation. Each of the sensors are designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are detected. 

Product Features

NC-8500 features several types of sensors, which deliver the ultimate performance, high accuracy and heavy-duty operation.

Each of the sensors are designed to detect different security features, ensuring all known suspicious banknotes are caught.


      • Feed System: Roller Friction System
      • Dual CIS
      • Counterfeit Detection: Infared (IR), Magnetic (MG), Ultraviolet (UV sensor)
      • Counting Speed: 1000 Notes/mon. (High), 900 Notes/min. (Medium), 700 Notes/min. (Low)
      • Available Currencies: USD (Standard), EURO, CAD etc (optional). Up to 12 currencies can be loaded.
      • Capacity: 500 circulated banknotes (hopper), 250 banknotes (stacker)
      • Countable Note Size: 60 x 85 x 0.08mm ~ 100 x 190 x 0.12mm
      • Display: 2.8" LCD with graphic display
      • Interface: RS-232 x 2, USB x 1, SD Card slot
      • Options: Remote Display, Thermal or Dot Matrix Printer
      • Power Supply: AC100V ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz.
      • Consumption: Max. 40W
      • Dimension: 11.2" Width x 10.6" Depth x 11" Height
      • Net Weight: 16lbs.