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MICR Laser Checks Binatek

Check Printing and Writing Software
Binatek allows you with its InterLaser 9 software to control the print process of the existing application. This check printing and writing software will provide you with more flexibility and control over the checks applications and any other types of laser documents. With our InterLaser 9 check printing and writing software, you will benefit from a higher level of security that manages the printing rights, multiple or manual automatic signatures, by the means of a smart card/Smart Card Reader for Security. High quality and secure check paper combined with our excellent MICR toner and software prevents any printing issues you may have experienced with competing products.

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MICR Laser Checks Certex

Certex is an industry leader in software and hardware solutions for check writing and MICR printing. We offer integrated software solutions that interface with most accounting programs, serving the oil and gas industry, colleges and universities, credit union, financial and banking markets.

Certex also provides design services and contract manufacturing for several American corporations. We have manufactured more than 90,000 money order dispensers for one of the largest money order companies in the U.S., and are currently building a kiosk-based money order dispenser that is being installed in retail outlets throughout the United States. Certex also builds products for Animal Care Systems Inc., a global provider of animal caging and other equipment to the bio-medical research industry.